2023/08/06   Summerslam 2023 Results

WWE Women鈥檚 Championship
Asuka (C) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair

We see silly 鈥渃omedy relief鈥 with Alpha Academy and The Miz in a sponsored Mike鈥檚 Hard Lemonade ad segment. After it wraps up, the video package for our next match airs.

With that said, we see the events that led to tonight鈥檚 triple-threat showdown for the WWE Women鈥檚 Championship between Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair.

The video package wraps up and then we are treated to the iconic ring entrance of Charlotte Flair. 鈥淭he Queen鈥 settles in the ring to a big pop and her music dies down.

Asuka鈥檚 tune hits and out comes the reigning and defending WWE Women鈥檚 Champion to the ring. 鈥淭he Empress of Tomorrow鈥 settles inside the squared circle and her music dies down.

Finally, Bianca Belair鈥檚 theme hits and out she comes to a big crowd reaction. 鈥淭he EST of WWE鈥 swings her ponytail and settles in the ring. Her music fades off.

Now the ring announcer handles the drawn out, formal pre-match ring introductions for the champion and the two challengers. The bell sounds and we鈥檙e officially off-and-running with this one.

Charlotte takes it to Asuka straight out of the gate. With Asuka out on the floor, Belair and Charlotte smile at each other and then begin getting after it. Charlotte gets knocked out of the ring and then Asuka goes to work on Belair.

All three end up trading big shots and then high spots until Belair gets a turn in the dominant offensive driver鈥檚 seat. Asuka takes out Belair and then locks Charlotte in a choke, which 鈥淭he EST of WWE鈥 breaks up just in time.

Belair clutches at her knee after breaking up the pin. She limps up to the top rope where Asuka knocks her out to the floor. Charlotte knocks Asuka out and then goes for a huge top-rope moonsault to the floor on Belair.

Asuka kicks Charlotte as soon as she lands and then brings her in the ring where she hits a big top rope spot and a DDT for a close near fall, which Belair again breaks up. Belair hoists Asuka up for the K.O.D. but Asuka gets her legs in the ropes to free herself.

Charlotte ends up blasting Asuka with a big boot to knock her out to the floor. Belair then hoists Charlotte up for the K.O.D. Charlotte lands on her feet but then Belair throws her overhead with a huge German suplex, Asuka knocks Belair out to the floor and tries stealing the pin, but only gets two.

鈥淭he Empress of Tomorrow鈥 locks 鈥淭he Queen鈥 in an armbar and transitions to a triangle choke, with Belair still on the floor. Charlotte muscles Asuka up and tries power bombing her way out of it, but she slips. Belair comes in and hits a sit-down power bomb on Charlotte, but Asuka snatches her up in a rear naked choke. Charlotte breaks it up.

鈥淭he Queen鈥 hits a top-rope moonsault on Belair and Asuka and tries covering them both, only to get a count of two. Belair crashes and burns on the floor trying a move and again clutches her knee immediately. Charlotte and Asuka fight in the ring as Belair is checked at ringside.

Charlotte gets Asuka in the figure eight. Belair limps up to the top and hits a wild 450 splash onto Charlotte to break it up. She goes for the cover but only gets a two. We see Asuka mist Charlotte while she鈥檚 got Belair in the figure four. Belair then grabs Asuka and rolls her up for the win still in the hold. We have a new champion.

Winner and NEW WWE Women鈥檚 Champion: Bianca Belair

WWE Women鈥檚 Championship
Bianca Belair (C) vs. Iyo Sky

After the match, we see Bianca Belair celebrating with the title when out of nowhere the theme for Iyo Sky hits. Out comes 鈥淢s. Money In The Bank鈥 with fellow Damage CTRL member Bayley.

Bayley has the briefcase and she鈥檚 hitting everyone in sight on the way to the ring. She runs into a big shot from Belair. Sky picks up the briefcase and chop blocks Belair鈥檚 injured leg with it.

She cashes in the briefcase and the bell rings. Sky heads to the top-rope and connects with her moonsault finisher for the pin fall victory. We have another new WWE Women鈥檚 Champion! Damage CTRL celebrates in the ring afterwards.

Winner and NEW WWE Women鈥檚 Champion: Iyo Sky