2022/01/20   Monday Night RAW Results – January 17th, 2022

Lynch is in the ring and she says there is only one woman responsible for how hot the women鈥檚 division is. She says it鈥檚 so hot we have the likes of Lita, Mickie James and the Bella Twins coming back to try and challenge the Van Goat at WrestleMania. Becky says they need her because she makes stars. Just look at Doudrop, nobody was clamouring for her to get a title match and she didn鈥檛 even earn it, Becky gave it to her. She makes people better, then she beats them.

Lynch says Doudrop came from the rolling hills of Scotand and made a name for herself. Oh wait, no she didn鈥檛, someone else made her name for her. So let her set things straight: a Doudrop will never lead the division while she鈥檚 there. Doudrop took umbridge with something Becky said because she鈥檚 on her way down to the ring. She says Becky didn鈥檛 get her anything, and if she planned for this then it was the biggest mistake she鈥檚 ever made. Becky says she did get her the win and if she follows her lead she鈥檒l get her a win this week as well.

Bianca Belair comes out and says Becky thinks she鈥檚 the greatest but uou can鈥檛 spell greatest without Est. Bianca says Becky was so scared of facing her again that she helped Doudrop win. Well Becky is only buying time because she will be entering the Royal Rumble match. And it鈥檚 every woman for themselves and she doesn鈥檛 care who she has to eliminate to main event WrestleMania again. Of course, out comes Liv Morgan and she says they shouldn鈥檛 be overlooking her because she鈥檚 in the Rumble too. The four of them almost brawl.

Becky Lynch & Doudrop Vs Bianca Belair

Belair and Doudrop start proceedings and Bianca uses her speed to duck and dodge Doudrop, as well as tease her. Bianca attempts a suplex but can鈥檛 get her up and Doudrop lands one of her own. Becky tags herself in but wastes time talking to Doudrop, allowing Morgan to tag in and run over Becky with clotheslines, dropkick and a bulldog.

Doudrop broke up the pin attempt and then all Hell broke loose with everyone attacking each other until Becky hits Morgan with the Manhandle Slam but Doudrop breaks up the pin attempt. Doudrop drags Becky over to the corner but doesn鈥檛 have the sense to tag herself in and the referee won鈥檛 count it, so she goes back over and tags herself, then crossbodies Liv and pins her.

Winners: Becky Lynch & Doudrop

After the match Doudrop goes to the corner and hits a rope-assisted splash to Becky and poses.

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