2021/06/05   Smackdown Results – June 4th,2021

We see Bianca Belair walking backstage. She has a challenge for Bayley tonight. Back to commercial.

We go back to the ring and out comes SmackDown Women鈥檚 Champion Bianca Belair to a pop. Belair swings her hair and hits the ring with a mic.

Belair says ever since she won the title from Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 37, Bayley has been so pressed, but she hasn鈥檛 done anything about it but just laugh. Belair says Bayley should realize the WWE Universe isn鈥檛 laughing with her, but at her, because what鈥檚 so funny? Belair admits Bayley鈥檚 laugh is getting to her, more than she actually thought it would. Belair says Bayley isn鈥檛 the first person to try her. Belair goes on about how people have been trying her since she was 3 feet tall. She left all those people in the dust as she found success. Fans cheer her on. Belair says she has dealt with the teasers, doubters and bullies, but after all she鈥檚 been through she鈥檚 never had someone laugh at her in her face. That鈥檚 utter disrespect and she鈥檚 not standing for that.

Belair says this is what she proposes鈥 she challenges Bayley and wants Bayley to take her cackling self and meet her in the ring at Hell In a Cell. Belair promises Bayley won鈥檛 be laughing then. Bayley, what鈥檚 good? Belair is waiting but Bayley is nowhere to be seen. Belair asks if she鈥檚 going to come accept this challenge, or what? We start hearing Bayley laugh but we don鈥檛 see her. Belair is looking around. Bayley finally appears on the big screen and taunts Belair. Bayley has been laughing at people like Belair her whole life. Bayley says she鈥檚 even there tonight, she鈥檚 live via satellite. We see Bayley sitting in a room with photos of herself all over the walls, she calls it her sanctuary where she finds peace.

Bayley accepts the challenge and says when she beats Belair for the title, she will be laughing but she won鈥檛 be the only one laughing. Bayley continues laughing while Belair raises the title in the air. The ThunderDome screens in the arena go dark and start filling up with Bayley鈥檚 satellite feed, of her laughing. Belair looks around terrified.

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