2021/04/14   NXT Results-April 13th,2021

Gonzalez hits the ring and a 鈥測ou deserve it!鈥 chant starts. She looks back to over one year ago when NXT debuted on the USA Network and she was supposed to have her big debut but she went home because she wasn鈥檛 ready. She vowed to train harder and declared that would never happen. A year and a half later and she stands here as the NXT Women鈥檚 Champion. The one person who realized her dedication was Kai. She talks about their success and says she wouldn鈥檛 be here as champion if it weren鈥檛 for Kai. Kai says they dominated the division for more than one year. Gonzalez gives respect to Io Shirai and says she was a great champion, but the Raquel Gonzalez era has officially begun.

The lights go out and when they come back, the music hits as Franky Monet makes her debut. This is the former Taya Valkyrie and she鈥檚 carrying the dog we鈥檝e seen in recent vignettes. Franky congratulates Gonzalez and then does the same in Spanish. She鈥檚 here to formally introduce herself to Gonzalez and the world. Franky says the best division in the world just got a little bit shinier, a little bit boujeeier, and a whole lot better. Franky says seeing as Raquel is at the top of her division, Raquel will be seeing a whole lot more of her. Gonzalez says Franky is lucky she鈥檚 in a good mood tonight because if she interrupts her like that again, she鈥檚 going to shove this little dog straight up her you know what. Franky makes her exit to the apron and laughs, saying she will see Raquel every single Tuesday.

Raquel鈥檚 music hits as she raises the title in the air next to Kai. The music interrupts and out comes new RAW Women鈥檚 Champion Rhea Ripley to a big pop. Ripley and Gonzalez face off in the middle of the ring now as fans pop. They both raise their titles and knock them while smiling. They then hug in the middle of the ring. The music interrupts next and out comes new SmackDown Women鈥檚 Champion Bianca Belair. Belair hits the ring and dances around with her title. We see a throwback photo on the big screen, showing all three women posing together early in their NXT careers. They stand tall in the middle of the ring and raise their titles as fans chant 鈥淣XT!鈥 and cheer them on. The champs hug and continue celebrating to end the segment.