2021/02/28   Smackdown Results-February 26th,2021

鈥 We see Bianca Belair walking backstage. Back to commercial.

鈥 Back from the break and Adam Pearce is in the ring with Sonya Deville. They talk about Bianca Belair being the future. Now she will make her WrestleMania 37 decision after winning the Women鈥檚 Royal Rumble. They introduce Belair and out she comes swinging her hair.

Fans chant 鈥淓ST!鈥 as Belair hits the ring. She mentions the Royal Rumble win changing her life. Deville asks Belair who will it be. She asks if it will be RAW Women鈥檚 Champion Asuka and we get a video package on her. We come back and Deville asks if it will be SmackDown Women鈥檚 Champion Sasha Banks. We get a video package on Banks next. Belair says she knows everyone has been patiently waiting on her to make her decision. She talks about how her mother told her life is all about making the right decision. She goes son and is about to make her decision but the music interrupts and out comes Reginald, Carmella鈥檚 sommelier.

Reginald says Belair鈥檚 mother is right because this decision will impact her future in WWE. He talks about how Belair got an up close look at Banks and how she works when she teamed with her last week. Reginald goes on about how Belair鈥檚 journey has been inspiring and she is special. Reginald knows deep in his heart that Belair鈥檚 dream will dissolve quickly into a horrible nightmare if she chooses to face Banks. He goes on and Belair gets in his face as fans boo him. The music interrupts and out comes Banks.

Banks tells Reginald how she already told him to never speak for her. She pushes him out of the way. She tells Belair she鈥檚 more than the champion, she鈥檚 the standard and if Belair wants to make history and be the topic of conversation, she should choose The Boss. Banks doesn鈥檛 think Belair is The EST of WWE because she is the best and #1, which makes Belair second best. Banks laughs and drops the mic, raising the title up at Belair. Belair says she鈥檚 going to make Banks eat her words on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Belair is going to take the title and show the whole entire world how she鈥檚 the strongest, fastest and everything else. Belair points up at the WrestleMania 37 sign and tells Banks it鈥檚 on. Belair鈥檚 music starts up as the fireworks go off. Banks raises the title at her. Belair keeps pointing up at the sign to end the segment.