2021/01/16   Smackdown Results-January 15th,2021

 We go back to the ring and the announcers introduce the newest talk show segment 鈥 鈥淒ing Dong, Hello!鈥 Bayley steps through a front door prop in the middle of the ring as fans boo her. She has a chair and end table, and a stool for her guest. Bayley welcomes us and brags about how her show already has more views than the rest of the division.

Bayley goes on and introduces her guest, Bianca Belair. Belair is directed to go to the other side of the door. Bayley tells her to ring the bell and the loud door bell rings once again. Belair comes in and takes a seat in Bayley鈥檚 chair. Bayley points out how that鈥檚 her chair but Belair won鈥檛 give it up, complimenting her on how comfortable it is. Cole mentions how both Superstars will be in the Royal Rumble. Bayley plugs Belair鈥檚 upcoming WWE Chronicle documentary on the WWE Network. She has a sneak peek and yells for the footage to be rolled but instead we see a clip of Bayley pinning Belair last month. Bayley apologizes and says it鈥檚 time to get to the hard hitting questions.

Bayley asks about the 鈥淓ST鈥 nickname. Belair explains and Bayley says it sounds like the nickname is based on everything Belair did before she got to WWE. Belair can鈥檛 believe Bayley is getting upset over her confidence and nickname. Bayley says based on what Belair is saying, Bayley should be called the best because she recently pinned Belair. Belair isn鈥檛 happy. She says Bayley can take her show, go put on her dusty gear and they can have a rematch now. Bayley proposes an obstacle course competition for next week, the Ultimate Athlete Obstacle Course. Belair laugh and accepts the challenge. Belair says Bayley has some 鈥淓ST鈥 in herself too, but there鈥檚 no way she can beat Belair. Now 鈥淒ing Dong鈥 that, Belair says. Belair dances and taunts Bayley as her music starts up.